International e-Journal of Biochemistry (IEJBC) is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles known for rapid dissemination of high quality research.

IEJB journal is an open access platform for the authors from academicians and industry professions to publish their novel research on Biochemistry. Biochemistry broadly deals with the chemistry of life and living processes. There is no exaggeration in the statement, “the scope of biochemistry is as vast as life itself”. Every aspect of life birth, growth, reproduction, aging and death, involves biochemistry. For that matter, every movement of life is packed with hundreds of biochemical reactions. Biochemistry is the most rapidly developing and most innovative subject in medicine. This becomes evident from the fact that over the years, the major share of Nobel prizes earmarked for medicine and physiology has gone to researchers engaged in biochemistry.

The discipline of biochemistry serves as a torch light to trace the intricate complexicities of biology, besides unraveling the chemical mysteries of life. Biochemical research has amply demonstrated that all living things are closely related at the molecular level. Thus biochemistry is the subject of unity in the diversified living kingdom.

International e-Journal of Biochemistry Publishes original research articles review articles, Mini Reviews, Short Communications, Case Reports, Image review articles, survey articles, and projects reviews in all areas dedicated to biochemical Research.

We do accept:
1) Short reports — 2-5 page papers where an author can present either an idea with theoretical background but has not yet completed the research needed for a complete paper or preliminary data.
2) Book reviews — Comments and critiques.

All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed with experts in the relevant fields and will be published within 2 months of submission if accepted. Also, systematic reviews of clinical and basic research, as well as clinical practice guidelines, are especially welcome.

All the content published with us is open and freely accessible under the guidelines of Creative Common Attribution License.