International e-Journal of Cancer Research (IEJCR) is an open access and peer reviewed journal, largely aims to provide a forum for investigators in the field of Cancer research to submit their research investigations and share their visions and opinions.

International e-Journal of Cancer Research (IEJCR) Journals published by Publications maintain the highest standards of quality and the members of their Editorial Boards are renowned scientists and receive high quality submissions from authors worldwide, including Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Our main aim is to consider and facilitate scientific communication in a clear, concise and objective manner to provide prompt publication of original works of high quality.

The group is expertise in various therapeutic fields such as oncology, Cancer biology and clinical research with the aim of encouraging scientific communication and clarity, and to aid the development of international collaboration between established and expanding research groups around the world. The group of journals provides useful information to doctors, students, and researchers to explore wide selection of life sciences and medical journal articles and featuring original research and insightful analysis. The expert panel of referees will peer-review the process in bringing the quality and content of manuscripts submitted in order to promote reliable, accurate and authoritative information
This new journal will publish significant and up-to-date articles within the fields of experimental and clinical oncology which includes mechanisms, molecular events, microenvironment and immunology, general and laboratory diagnosis, onocological surgery and epidemiology. The journal mainly devoted to original papers and reviews etc. It is an independent open access journal provides novel discoveries in basic science and treatment of cancer.

We do accept:
1) Short reports - 2-5 page papers where an author can present either an idea with theoretical background but has not yet completed the research needed for a complete paper or preliminary data.
2) Book reviews - Comments and critiques.

All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed with experts in the relevant fields and will be published within 2 months of submission if accepted. Also, systematic reviews of clinical and basic research, as well as clinical practice guidelines, are especially welcome.

All the content published with us is open and freely accessible under the guidelines of Creative Common Attribution License.